Google to Revise the Link Report feature in the Search Console

28 July 2023 12:47 PM

Google has recognized a problem with its Search Console link report that is causing inaccuracies in the reported number of site links. Google's Search Advocate, John Mueller, admitted the discrepancy and announced a forthcoming resolution.

While this issue doesn't directly impact website traffic or ranking, accurate reports are crucial for understanding the connected websites. The article also emphasizes the role of LSI keywords in enhancing SEO, content value, and search engine comprehension of content relevance.

The internet giant has promised to resolve a problem related to the accusations that Google only shows a portion of a site's links after receiving several complaints about the issue.

Google has identified a problem with the Google Search Console link report that distorts the reported number of links.

Recently, a Google Search Advocate, John Mueller, acknowledged that they had discovered a discrepancy in the link report. He said that he hoped for a solution this week.

Numerous reports of significant decreases in the link counts shown in Google Search Console's report occurred only last week. John Mueller first denied these reports but changed his mind, retracting it, apologizing for the confusion, and acknowledging that the team had discovered a problem.

This report is accompanied by screenshots of my site's link report, which shows fewer links than the count from nearly a year ago or even more.

The screenshot above shows data from this week, while the screenshot below shows data from July 2022.

The report displays a notable total of 2.5 million links as of August 2018.

Back in August of the year 2018, it was stated that there were 2.5 million links:

Some users have noticed that Google Search Console only shows a sparse amount of links, while others have yet to see the numbers.

Google's John Mueller has confirmed that a patch is being developed and will possibly release this week. Whether the change will address the issue for all users who see a lower link count or just some users, whatever happens, we'll closely monitor the situation.

Why is it crucial? In reality, the number of links in your Search Console has little bearing on the traffic you receive from Google Search or your ranking there. Consequently, even if Google shows fewer connections than expected in these statistics, there is no reason for concern.

But it's essential to have precise reports and a thorough knowledge of the websites linked to you.

By increasing the relevance of the content and search engine visibility, LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords are essential to optimizing SEO. These supplementary keywords give the primary target keyword context and significance, enhancing the content's comprehensiveness and user value. Including LSI keywords helps search engines better understand the content's topic & relevance. It will eventually lead to improving the rankings for pertinent queries. Because they encourage using natural language and text flow, LSI keywords also lessen the chance of keyword stuffing. As a result, bounce rates decrease and visit durations increase, further informing search engines about the authority and quality of the material.

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