Slug Generator

Teqtop’s Slug Generator tool can help you generate an SEO optimized, concise URL slug. A well-optimized slug for your web page can enhance website navigation and web page readability on search engines. Teqtop’s Slug Generator is a free easy-to-use tool which can help include relevant keywords, exclude unnecessary words and further assist your website content rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

What Is a Slug?

A slug is a part of a URL which points out to a specific page of a website. The content of a website page is described with the help of a slug. For example, in, the part- ‘free seo tool’ is a slug.

Why Is Slug Important for SEO?

A good slug for the website page has a positive impact on SEO. With the help of a slug, Search Engines determine what the page is about. You can create and optimize it in line with what users would like to read on a website page.

How to Optimize Slug?

There are a few elements that you need to take care of while optimizing the slug for SEO. Let’s discuss those in detail:

  • Include the Focus Keyword/Key Phrase for the Page

    The slug for a specific page should have the Focus Keyword/Key Phrase for that content. Doing so will make the users understand what the page is about.

  • Keep It Short

    The slug should be short and it should describe the essence of that page at the same time. You have to be specific and creative about it because there isn’t much space to add words. You should be extra careful about adding dates so that the users know when the content was published.

  • Lowercase Letters

    An SEO optimized slug should have all the words in lowercase letters.

  • Keep the URL Slug Permanent

    Don’t change the URL slugs once those are set. Even if you make use of Redirects, it’s not good for users. So, try keeping the same URL slug after you have figured out the relevant slug for your web page content.