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Website maintenance is the core part of your business website that will maintain its excellence with continuous updates. It is a simple process of analyzing and examining your website in detail frequently to check problems as well as all features to make sure everything is up to date and relevant. It is done in order to ensure that the website would be safe, secure, and updated as these are mandatory steps to serve the latest and best practices to customers. Not only does it showcase the updated version, but it also boosts traffic and helps you in increasing your ranking on Google.

No matter if you are an individual, small business, or big company, if you have a website, then you do require website maintenance service as an imperative part. By preventing major issues, it assists you in interacting and engaging with potential visitors to your site.

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What Do Website Maintenance Include?

In the web maintenance process, our team goes through extensive steps to let the authenticity and credibility of your website remain the same.

During website maintenance we:

Check the website pages are loading quickly or not without displaying any error.

Access backup to make your data on the website safe.

Continuously update the plugins and software that you use on the website.

Check every form on the website to ensure their smooth running.

Find out broken links from the pages.

Check 404 errors, and fix them.

Update blogs to provide the fresh and latest information to your audience for better engagement.

Manage to host accounts and ensure everything is running smoothly.

Unleash The Potential Benefits of
Website Maintenance

Website maintenance has its own potential perks that can flip the whole business scenario. By proceeding further with website maintenance services, you can experience the below-listed benefits that you will never want to lose.


Vulnerable websites are on the verge of hacking. Website maintenance is what can secure your website data from being misused. In terms of security, it provides the following assistance - Having Strong and Secure Password, Removing Old Application, Keeping the repository file safe, Frequent Security Patches and Updates, Attention on Suspicious Activity and Take On-the-spot Action.

Site Traffic and Ranking

By opting for website maintenance you switch On the site traffic and ranking factor of your website. Google Ranking demands an updated website. During maintenance, our highly professional team update the website by updating website content, images, videos, navigation, etc.,

Optimize the Visitors Experience

Making visitor experience great is the main agenda of every business, and that can be done when visitors find the information latest as well as engaging and don't find any difficulty to load the pages. Now optimizing visitors' experience is easier by having a smoother and more well-maintained website.

Protection Against SEO Scam

With website maintenance, you can now protect your website against SEO scams. It assists in securing your site from adding a host of spam pages and links as a part of spam link building as it is what increases the bounce rate and adversely affects your site.

Regular Website Backup

Deleted data and hacked websites can be proven as a disaster for you. Therefore, website maintenance comes into action to save you from this sudden loss. Website maintenance helps you with regular website backup that saves you from malware, viruses, and hackers by restoring files with a click.

Cost Saving

Losing all of your data is very expensive as it makes your years of effort and information go into vain. But a small amount spent on website maintenance can save you from big losses in terms of money. It is just a small investment that protects your big investment and efforts.

Our Comprehensive Web Maintenance Support

Our web maintenance services serve excellence in terms of providing the potential support to the business websites. It includes several aspects that keenly work to maintain the efficiency and capacity of your site. Our web maintenance services include the following assistance for you 24/7.

Technical Support

Most websites encompass some small critical technical admin and configuration tasks that need to be addressed on time before they become obstacles to your website success. Get prompt 24/7 assistance for any tech trouble to get an uninterrupted and secure web experience.

Website Updates

For us updating a website means updating text, pictures, pages, navigation, videos, links, etc. Continuous updating of all these is necessary to showcase the latest and perfect information to your community. Therefore our web maintenance plans don't forget to ignore this factor.

New Product Upload

If you want to launch a new product and want to make it reach your desired audience, then you initially need to upload it on your website. If you have our website maintenance service plan, then we will do it for you effectively at any time or number of times.

Website Customization Work

Is your website not designed the way you desire? Do you want to change your website? Get our web maintenance support and relish the opportunity to get website customization. Our technical experts will customize the website time after time to give your goals what they planned for..

Website Health Check

Website health checkup is necessary to find out any issue or problem that a website is facing. Experience our extensive website health check approach, including in website maintenance plans to ensure that your website is not lacking from anywhere. With a health check, you can work to get an on-the-spot solution to fix issues.

Image Optimization

In our maintenance support, we assist you in optimizing your website images with blazing speed and removing the time-taking image loading factor. We make it lighter that will load in a fraction of seconds and, as a result, improve the website performance.

Code Optimization

With our support, now improve the efficiency, scalability, and performance of your codes. Get your code optimized to make the performance of your application smoother. The unnecessary and unwanted codes will be removed, which will serve the best possible outcomes for your website.

WordPress Core & Plugin Update

Keep your website healthy by updating WordPress core & plugin that will help you in coping with the lower admin interface and infected site that is riddled with malware and viruses. In return, it will offer you tight security, better speed, improved performance, and compatibility.

Theme Updates

Updating themes is crucial to reflect the changes and new additions on your website according to the latest trends. Let your site look the way your customers want. Our theme update approach in the website maintenance package will make your site look modern, professional, and on-brand.

Website Speed Optimization

We at TEQTOP have been providing web maintenance services for the last several years that encompass a major aspect for outstanding website functionality, and that is website speed optimization. By proceeding with it, we help you to load every page on-the-spot to not let your customers’ experience be daunting.

Adding and Updating New Content

If your website still has the same content and information it was showcased initially, then you are lagging behind your competitors. Connect with us and update your site content to give it a fresh look and serve your customers the latest information.

Changes in Address Or Contact Information

By having our website maintenance services at your side, you have access to male changes in address and contact information the number of times you want. With this step, we make sure that your customers get the right and latest contact details of yours to contact you.

Troubleshooting Server Issues

Maintain and establish a standardized troubleshooting process with our website maintenance services. Servers can be affected by several factors. Instead of finding the root cause, associating with us as our tech-savvy team will solve the down server problem in a short span of time.

Scan Website For Malicious Issues

We provide assistance to find any malicious code, vulnerability exploits, hidden iframes, infected files, and other suspicious activities by deep scanning your website. This in-depth scanning can benefit your business by identifying evolving web threats.

Broken Link Check & Fix

Our tech team working for the maintenance of your website finds out the broken links and fixes them on the spot to not break your customer's connection with website access. Our team does this checkup frequently to find the bug on the spot by having our plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Website maintenance costs may vary depending on the type of site.

For HTML sites, Yes, we can provide a link for you to view your changes and approve them before we go live with the updates. For WordPress sites, typical changes are made to the live site.

Pre-purchased maintenance contracts expire one year after purchase.

Tell us what you need to be updated and we will take care of it for you. A project manager will keep you up-to-date, it’s really that easy. Once completed, we will let you know so that you can review the changes and be sure everything is done to your satisfaction. That's all there is to it! We take care of everything so you can focus on what matters most.

This depends on the type of website you have. If your website doesn't enable you to, we can discuss options about converting your website into a CMS (Content Management System).

Web maintenance facilitates the results of search engine optimization activities, which helps the website to acquire better positions in the SERPs.

We maintain many sites that we do not host. Please call us for a free site review so that we can determine if we can maintain your site. We can maintain most WordPress and HTML sites with no problem.

Maintenance contracts cover routine changes such as adding a newsletter, changing contact info, adding employees, adding photos to a photo gallery, and most text updates. Note: If we think your changes will take longer than average, we can discuss a flat rate for services that include additional items, even a site re-design.

No, single-site maintenance will be included in a single plan.

Regularly updating your website with fresh content (text, images, PDFs, and videos, etc.) will not only gain loyalty from your visitors but provide them with a good visitor experience.