Wix Website Development

Wix Website Development

Wix is one of the most popular website creation and hosting platforms today. It is a web developer's preference due to its multi-service platform. However, we at TEQTOP Agency work on designing Wix websites for your business to make the most use of this platform and grow your business. Whether you run a small or large company, our Wix website development expert will assist you in making sensible business decisions.

At TEQTOP, we have a proven track record of creating stunning Wix websites. We want to provide you with high-quality websites and demonstrate their multi-functionality by leveraging the capabilities of this new platform. We'll look at Wix's features and create that one-of-a-kind website.

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What is WIX?

Wix differentiates itself from the competition because of its ability to provide you with a high level of personalization. Its templates may all be customized to match your brand and design choices. It's totally up to you how your online store or website should look, function, and interact with visitors. You may edit your website from front to back and have it properly optimized for your business needs on the Wix platform, whether you have light or heavy traffic and basic or complicated shop operations.


What is the purpose of

Wix is unquestionably one of the best solutions for you to take your online brand to the next level. Wix is simple to use and includes fantastic customization features that make it simple to tailor the site to your preferences and needs. Wix is also updated and upgraded regularly to reflect the latest trends and templates. Wix is unquestionably an intelligent investment because of its extensive feature set.


TEQTOP is a top Wix website development company in India. We offer customized and unique Wix web development solutions that will help you stay ahead of the competition from startups to major corporations. As a result, when you work with us, our Wix professionals evaluate your business objectives and provide unique Wix web development solutions.

Setup and Customization of a Wix Site

Our professionals rapidly set up Wix for your convenience.We choose the best layouts, design, colors, and top fonts depending on your preferences.You can also use our customized Wix development services. Our experts will select the best theme for you.

Wix Template Development

At TEQTOP, we customize various themes to create new ones. Wix sites have adaptable layouts that may be customized to meet your specific requirements. We can handle everything from pre-designed templates to customized website templates.

SEO Features Built-in

We understand the importance of SEO for your websites, and we use our SEO services to help you improve your search engine rankings. We have a track record of controlling organic traffic to the website that is targeted.

API Integration

We have a lot of expertise in building and implementing high-performance WIX API apps. We connect third-party apps that allow you to scale your website quickly. We can save time and money for you and your business by optimizing API integrations.

Mobile Responsive Optimization

We know how to create mobile-friendly websites. With our mobile optimization tactics, we select interfaces compatible with mobile devices. We're always working to improve the user experience, such as page loading speed.

Designing using Wix

We create top-notch designs and templates that are envy. It's high-quality and converts well. For all industry categories, we leverage pre-built layouts and build exceptional designs. We may also tailor the built-in layouts to your brand requirements.

Wix Migration

We provide secure migration services, and you may plan to migrate all advanced functions from other platforms to the adaptable Wix platform in a seamless manner. We send your data with caution in order to avoid data loss.

Support and Maintenance

After the project is completed, we continue to assist our clients. We maintain and support the websites on a continuous basis. We want to make sure that your websites are fully functional and run well. So far, our support services have given us a high level of customer satisfaction.

Advantages of using Wix Website
Development Services

We create customized, user-friendly, and SEO-friendly Wix websites at TEQTOP. Through the Wix website, our team of qualified website developers leverage this open source CMS platform to boost your brand value.

Wix Site Builder

Wix's website builder is based on drag-and-drop technology, allowing users to create website pages fast and intuitively. It's important since images and content don't always render their HTML editing features as expected.

Easy to use

Wix's editor is SEO-friendly, and versatile.

Wix Templates to Choose From

There are hundreds of Wix pages to choose from. They're also compatible with smartphones.


Wix websites are hosted on Wix servers. For a third party, you do not require a hosting plan.


Every web page can have important SEO factors like page titles, meta description tags, title tags, and alt tags. Blog posts do not allow custom tags.


Why should you hire TEQTOP to build your
Wix website?

Quick innovation and on-time delivery are important to us. As a Wix Website Development Company in India, we enjoy learning new things and using new technology. The creation of new websites is simple with Wix.com because it is made up of little components that are piped together.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose us to build your Wix website:
Optimization of Smart Devices

Wix websites are mobile-friendly. We create mobile-friendly and responsive websites that can be visited from a variety of smart devices based on consumers' preferences.

Continual Evaluation of Performance

You may track the progress of your marketing approach using Wix's tracking features, and we'll activate traffic monitoring for you. Wix supports Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and custom tracking.

Reasonable Pricing

We have a lot of expertise designing Wix website designs and custom templates, therefore we can offer Wix development services at affordable prices. We are known for providing our consumers with fair and reasonable pricing.


Our team of developers will ensure that your Wix projects are completed on time. For your eCommerce store, our professionals may also perform speed optimization. You may contact us at any time with any questions, and we will respond promptly. We offer the most user-friendly website.

Effective Templates

Wix's strategy may be utilized to create high-quality, unique website templates. Stop worrying about design, layout, and website structure when you work with TEQTOP. Our designers create high-quality templates and the best layouts for your business.


We recognise the importance of website security. Wix is a great platform with a lot of security features.TEQTOP secures your websites with its tools. Wix sites are HTTPS compliant, which helps them rank higher in search results.

On-time Delivery

At TEQTOP, you can rely on our team of developers to complete your Wix projects on schedule. We are aware of the timeliness of our projects and do not cause any delays in their completion. However, the project's complexity is the sole factor that defines when it will be delivered. We make the websites load quickly by optimizing them for high speed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wix comes with a “Wix free plan”, and you can use it for free as long as you want. However, the free plan has some limitations. For instance, it displays advertisements that you can’t remove unless you upgrade to a paid plan. It also doesn’t give you a custom domain name.

If you want more advanced features, then you can choose from Wix premium plans that range from “Combo” to the “ VIP plan.” The cheapest pricing plan costs $13 per month and comes with features like a custom domain, 3GB storage, and more.

If you’re just starting out, then you can try out their free version to build your online store. However, if you want to collect payment – which you most likely want to do – then you require a paid plan.

Business Basic – $23 per month

Business Unlimited – $27 per month

Business VIP – $49 per month

Enterprise – $500 per month

Allows you to sell on multiple platforms.

Integrates with secure payment gateways.

Manages end-to-end fulfillment.

Conversion-optimized shopping cart and checkout.

Provides advanced marketing tools.

Drag and drop functionality.

Mobile responsive templates.

Wix offers a feature-rich online store builder to create a stunning storefront design and grow your ecommerce business.

Intuitive user-interface and drag-and-drop builder.

Optimized mobile view.

100s of attractive templates.

Marketing tools.

Contact Management.

SSL Certified.

Social media marketing tools.

Professional mailbox.

Wix app market.

Personalized Google Mailbox.

Analytics & Reporting tools.

Free & reliable website hosting.

Social media buttons.

Text Editor.

Free fonts.

Wix is a flexible website builder that allows you to create highly customized websites. It’s one of the most user-friendly CMS available and is suitable for both novices and experts alike.

Sign-up Process.

500 Templates.

Good SEO features.

Multi-platform Compatibility.

SSL Certificate.

Personal Domain.

Ecommerce Features.

Ease of Use.

Payment Integrations.

Drag-and-Drop Editor.

Google Analytics.

Third-Party Integrations.

Wix Editor.

Wix App Market.

Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence).

Email Marketing.

Corvid By Wix.

Google Analytics Integration.

Wix SEO.