AI Tools and the Future of Content Writing

04 October 2023

The field of Content Writing has been impacted with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence writing tools which provide unique opportunities as well as challenges to the industry itself. In this article, we will discuss the role of AI tools in the area of content writing as well as the human aspect with respect to the process of writing.

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How does an AI tool work?

Since their introduction, AI writing tools have extensively been used for writing blogs, essays, informative articles, social media posts, email templates, product and service descriptions, and more. They make use of the data already available on the internet to produce text.

The content that is generated with the assistance of AI tools is based on specific keywords or a specific prompt.

For example, one of the most revolutionary AI tools available is ChatGPT. This AI language model tool was developed by Open AI. It uses Generative Pre-Trained Transformer architecture to ‘analyze the input instructions’ and ‘generate text’ based on those input instructions. And this ‘text’ is identical to the content written by a human.

NLP- Natural Language processing, ML- Machine Learning, and Data Analysis are important parts of this AI generated text. These provide assistance to the machines with respect to understanding words, finding patterns in the information available in the form of articles, surveys, studies, and books etc., making connections between the information available and the content needed as per the requirement.

The writers do not need to spend hours and hours on research. The relevant information can be assembled at one place in comparatively less time and be used for the final piece of work.

Some of the best AI writing tools among many are- HubSpot, ChatGPT, GPT-4, Quill Bot, Rytr,, LongShot, writesonic etc. Other than these writing tools, there are editing and SEO tools like-surfer SEO,, scalenut, outranking, HoppyCopy, NeutralText, SEOmator, Growthbar, sudowrite, Reword, AI-writer etc. These tools improve readability and help refine the content with respect to Search Engine Optimization.

How much Can AI Tools Affect the Role of Human Writers in the Field of Content Writing?

In Spite of the impressive usefulness of these AI tools, there are certain limitations. And the major aspect, that the AI generated text content lacks in, is emotional intelligence. Relatability with the reader could be established by human writers through creating narratives that help navigate the complexity of the emotions. The content that is generated through the assistance of AI tools lacks the element of empathy.

Another challenge is the ethical aspect related to the information in the form of plagiarism. And it takes us back to the original methods.

The Future of Content Writing

As mentioned above, the human aspect plays an important role in the process of writing. Professionals working in the ‘AI driven landscape of content writing’ can make use of these AI tools by creating first drafts whenever necessary and then customize the content as per the target audience. AI tools are extremely useful in terms of saving time for writing tasks. These can also be used for creating rough drafts and outlines for certain tasks which could be further refined, edited, and customized as per the requirements.

There certainly will be more advancement in the coming days. These AI tools should be considered as ‘Assistants’. And by blending emotional intelligence and creativity with these new AI writing tools, the craft of writing can be further improved upon.


Every field encounters a new set of challenges with the advancement of technologies. But instead of fighting the change, the best way is to adapt and integrate those new technologies with the system for increasing efficiency without losing control over quality and the things that already work.

And this piece of information was written without the assistance of ChatGPT or any other AI tool for that matter. Or was it really?


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