Award And Certifications


Demonstrating hands-on expertise in Webflow technical functionalities, Wix Development services, setting up a Google Analytics 4 property for websites and applications, and optimizing digital ad performance using Google’s Ads solutions and also for an advanced understanding of key metrics that can propel the online growth of businesses, TEQTOP has earned recognition as a Certified Multi-skilled Web Development and Marketing Company and has been adding value to emerging start-ups as well as established businesses all over the world!

We Got Webflow Certifications


Webflow 101 Certifications Exam

TEQTOP was awarded the certification for Webflow 101 after having showcased the mastery over the concepts of Box Model, HTML, and CSS.


Layout Certifications Exam Level 1

Showcasing a deep knowledge of HTML and CSS for web layouts and element positioning, TEQTOP received certification for Webflow Layout Level 1.


Layouts Certifications Exam Level 2

TEQTOP was certified with Webflow Layout Level 2 for an advanced understanding of Web layouts and element positioning in Webflow.


CMS Certifications Exam, Level 1

TEQTOP earned the certificate for CMS certification Level 2 for an advanced Webflow CMS expertise, including building a CMS in Webflow.

We Got Wix Certifications


Wix Accessibility

Proving the capability of having built websites accessible to all people irrespective of impairments, creating accessible title tags, heading tags, alt text, alternative media, and enhancing site navigation for assisted technology users, TEQTOP was certified as a Wix Accessibility Site Creator.


Velo Developer

Demonstrating expertise in JavaScript and Velo functionalities, TEQTOP has earned recognition as a Wix-Velo developer multi-skilled web development and Marketing Company.

We Got Google Ads Certifications


Google Ads Measurement

Turning marketing objectives into measurable actions through the usage of Google’s Ads measurement solutions and implementing the right attribution model to reach business goals, TEQTOP received Google Ads Measurement certificate.


Google Ads Creative

TEQTOP earned Google Ads Creative for showcasing its ability to create productive and result-oriented ads for Search, Video, Display, and Application campaigns using Google’s research-backed guidance tools and resources.


Google Ads Display

Harnessing its abilities to build productive campaigns to produce marketing objectives for businesses, TEQTOP received certification for maximizing retention and building marketing plans to reach potential new customers using Google Ads Display.


Grow Offline Sales

TEQTOP was presented with Google’s ‘Grow Offline Sales’ Certificate for proving its technical knowledge in boosting sales strategies for offline-only customers for the advancement of in-store products and services.


AI-Powered Performance Ads

TEQTOP was certified with ‘AI-Powered Performance Ads’ certification for demonstrating its expert capabilities in maximizing on the tactics to accomplish business objectives through the utilization of cross-channel AI-powered tools, AI- automation strategy, and Google Ads insights.


Google Ads Search Certification

Showcasing the expertise in creating and optimizing Google Search campaigns by generating strategies to boost leads, web traffic, and sales aligned with marketing budget, leveraging automated solutions like Smart Bidding to enhance campaign performance for focused marketing goals, TEQTOP earned the certification for Google Ads Search.