How Can Web Development Services Influence Your Websites Sales

02 November 2020

With the digitalization and advancement in technology, the growth of any business can be easily determined by seeing its online presence. Whether a business is big or small or growing, a website has become a necessity and is the demand for an hour. Website development is a very demanding task as it includes building, designing, and optimization for various search engines along with content creation and maintenance.

However, the question is how to develop the website and whom to contact to streamline the website development process? Well, the answer is below.

Here we are going to share some of the top aspects that a website must have to attract users and influence its sales.

1. An easy design

Within the procedure of web development, the website developer must formulate a site design which ensures that the site renders effortless navigation, and is simultaneously compatible with the diverse browsers.
Bear in mind that if the site design is too complex, it would be a deterrent for the visitors and they will bounce back from your website instead of having excellent services. Additionally, complex designs do not quite search engine compatible, and such websites do not rank on the search engines. This is the reason why it is imperative to choose a website developer who focuses on uncomplicated designs for the website.

2. Loading time

In the era where the audience takes only a fraction of seconds before deciding to move on to another site, it is vital to make sure that your site speed is appropriate enough to retain users. If it doesn't you may be losing a potential audience. It is vital to have a word with your developer about the number of flash images that you wish to upload to the website. An experienced web developer knows the proportion and size of the compressed image and other elements that are well suited to your website so it does not impact its loading time.

3. Search engine optimization

Optimization is as essential as developing a website. It is also through adequate utilization of web services that you can seek the most imperative keywords which are necessitated for your website. Service providers do proper keyword research to bring your website to the top results. Besides this a skilled web developer to comprehend the relevance of Meta tags, which must be distinctive for every web page. This would ensure that your webpage stands out from a crowd from your rivals.

4. Choose an expert

It is a must to seek a person who would be able to suitably assist you in providing qualitative website development services. This would necessitate an explanation of your requirements for what you wish to incorporate within the site. It is up to you to make the person aware of the ideals of your business, your targeted customers, as well as the products and associated services that you wish to endorse, through the site.This additionally serves the purpose of ensuring that every distinctive page within your website is developed again following a brief period.

Choosing an expert can help you to generate additional traffic for your site as well as assist you in sustaining it. All that you would be required to do is to avail of skilled web development services that happen to possess the relevant know-how about the mentioned aspects.

Why Teqtop is a one-stop-shop for developing a user-friendly website?

We provide completeWeb development servicesincluding custom PERL, PHP, ASP & Database programming to build the dynamic content that turns your visitors into customers. You work directly with web developers, not salesmen. That is why you get a flexible and scalable product for a low price.

We are delighted to create a website, script for internet, local application, flash demo, or to add features to an existing product. We will create an excellent web-presence for you and your business. Visit our portfolio using the navigation menu of the website. Experts here will help you with any ideas. Tell us what you need in words, receive it on the web. Feel free to ask any questions just now.

Our services

We can provide you a range of services for a very reasonable price. We are friendly, honest, and fast. Here is a brief overview of our services.

Complete web development

We can create a complete web site for you with database access, guestbook, forum, vote, administration password-protected area, and all your fantasy can imagine.


If you are interested in video production, we can send you our portfolio. We can create for your 3D video as good as a movie based on photos or video records.

Game development

Do you wish to have your own game? No problems. You can provide details of your idea and can get a complete game. As a small variant, you can get your web puzzle for your website with your pictures (family, boss, girls, city, house, products from your e-shop).

Software development

You do not need to buy universal expensive software. Do not pay for unnecessary features! We can create ideal software for you for a low price.


You need pictures if you have your book. You need flash animations for your website. You need a cool flash intro for your company! All these requirements will be fulfilled at Teqtop.

Add features

If you already have a working product we can modify it or add needed features. Also, we can remove known bugs from your products. We have big experience with program modification.

Web Design

Every site must have a unique, exclusive, and creative design and we can provide it for you.Teqtop experts will work with your preference for colors, layout, navigation schemes, and site organizations to create web pages that are easy to read, navigate, and pleasing to the eye.


Your existing artwork, such as logos, photos, and images from brochures, company literature, etc, can be incorporated into the web site. I can create new web graphics or bring in a professional graphics artist as needed.


We can create an online database for accessing frequently changing information and generating dynamic web pages as the databases are useful for keeping content current and can greatly reduce the maintenance of your web site by minimizing the number of static pages that requires updating.


The design ideas are implemented using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Photoshop, or other programs as needed. PHP is used to create dynamic database-driven web pages.

Content Manager

A content manager lets you or your staff manages the content of your web site via a simple web-based interface. You will be able to add, modify, and delete content and upload new images or text files when you want. The content manager is located in a password-protected area, so only users with permission can access it. Our content managers can efficiently handle that for you without any hassle.

Web Site Maintenance

In addition to changing the content, you may want to modify the design or functionality from time to time. We will gladly make programming changes for you as the need arises or regularly.

Search Engines

If your goal is to promote your business on the web, placing well in search engine results is key. Web development experts of teqtop will submit your web site to the main web directories, optimize the code for search engine crawlers and help you have other sites link to your web site. Depending on your budget, paid listings and other options are available.

Other Services

Other services include upgrading an existing website, registering domain names, setting up web hosting accounts, training staff in how to use the content manager, and writing user instructions for the content manager.

Here are a few of the platforms that our expert teams are assisted to work on :

1) Static website development
2) Dynamic website development
3) PHP, Website Development
4) E-Commerce website
5) WordPress, Joomla, Shopify Customization.

How we assist our clients?

Our developing services include the following measures:

1. Branding and graphic designing are of prime importance in the web designing and developing process. This includes logos, banners, images, and interactive features of the company.

2. While working on your website we work on a layout which is also an integral part of the website developing process.

3. Navigation system is the backbone of a website hence a website design should be easy to navigate and the menu items should easily accessible from any page of the website.

4. Another important thing is fonts and typography which means that fonts of your website should look appealing to attract active audience.

5. Another vital aspect that should be kept in mind while web designing is search engine optimization. It means that your site should rank on the top in the searches so that more and more users come to your website. It also means getting a higher ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

In short, web development and design are of extreme importance for the growth of a company. Contact to avail our services and we ensure you to compete on an international level.


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