Why we use angular JS instead of jQuery

12 August 2020

AngularJS is a framework and on the other hand, jQuery is a library. AngularJS is appropriate for the applications development and can work on JSON data and HTML code. On the contrary, jQuery is a powerful as well as fast language. Not only this, but it has inbuilt features, for example, manipulation, HTML document traversal, event handling, Ajax support, animation and many more. These factors will assist developers in order to develop complex websites.

AngularJS and JQuery are two diverse technologies; JQuery is suitable for DOM manipulation while AngularJS is suited for web application development. Also, it is clear that both have vast features but still why we use AngularJs instead of Jquery?

Have a look at following features of AngularJs that will assist you to solve this question!

1. Dependency

This is one of the most excellent features of AngularJs. Because it is very flexible in how things can be injected. This isn’t an obligation in jQuery. Also, it makes the testing task much easier and simpler on which any particular task depends.

2. Complete Testing Environment

AngularJs comes with two types of testing- unit and end-to-end testing that are localization and server Communication.

There are fewer bugs in production, less number of code regressions, faster upgrades, and the code is comparatively maintainable.

3. Data Binding

Two-way data binding removes a plethora of code. Data binding in AngularJS is like a management between model and view. For instance, when data in the model alters, the changes in the view will reflect and when data in the view modifies, the model is updated as well.

4. Form Validation

This is another trait in AngularJS that comes with out of the box. Adding a form component to your webpage provides you access to numerous utilities in the DOM.

As you can see, we have done compression between AngularJS and jQuery, two frameworks were formed with diverse goals and resolve different problems. However, when picking a framework which comes with numerous issues related to your business strengths and the main competencies of the tool itself, but in many methods, AngularJS is an outstanding option for the web developer in order to reduce maintenance costs of your web application.


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