Various Ranking Factors of Amazon Algorithm

12 August 2020

If you want achievement on Amazon, you are required to understand how Amazon’s Search Algorithm works. The fact is, most of the sellers do not have any idea how the ranking of Amazon is done and carries search results. But still, most people perhaps do not pay attention to the search engine. Even most Marketers of Amazon are still wasting their time in modifying their Listings on Amazon for Google.

These days if you have a high product ranking on Amazon then you are on a way to increase your sales, as more potential clients will find your products when searching the website. To rank successfully on Amazon, it is vital for sellers to recognize how Amazon’s search algorithm (called A9) works. The product search algorithm of Amazon is totally different from Google. When a consumer searches for a particular item on Amazon then the fallouts are carried through a 2 step procedure. Firstly, they pull related outcomes from their directory and then they rank them according to relevancy. Amazon needs to maximize revenue per customer. They frequently assess their algorithms using programmatic analysis, performance metrics and human judgments.

Here are various ranking factors of Amazon algorithm!

1. CTR (Click Thru Rate)

If your product has the highest CTR (click thru rate) on a page full of products, you will win out in the long term, organically. It gives your product listing an edge; it makes your product stand out from the crowd amongst the other listings and hopefully in return gets the most views. Click Thru Rate from the minute a customer searches for a particular item to lastly landing on your listing. Amazon very closely tracks this metric, and it's definitely in their mix in determining your overall ranking score for a keyword as they should.

2. Customer Reviews

It perhaps cannot be believed that the amount of positive reviews of your customers is very significant ranking factors in the A9 algorithm of Amazon. How you take action to the reviews of your customer's matters a lot as well. If you are getting positive reviews for some of your products as customers like it, but if you are not replying them in an effective manner they would surely stop buying from you. Replying to the customer's reviews have a huge impact on customers as it creates a better communication and understanding.

3. Price

One of the major aspects that Amazon make use to decide predicted exchange rate is pricing. They know that clients need the most excellent contracts. More significantly, Amazon makes use of cost as the main aspect in selecting which item to display in the buy box that is the part of the page holding the button ‘Add to Cart’.  

4. Features

One another main reasons that particular item is ranking so high is because it has rich keyword and useful features. They are exhibited as bullet point right under the costing and product options are important. In images, they are so significant that Amazon no longer lets products with no bullet points to be shown in the buy box and not having them is a serious barrier to high-quality rankings of Amazon.

5. Product Description

The description of your product is essentially where you get bigger on your Features. It is the portion of the page on which you have lost control. If there is anywhere to actually set a lot of attempt into the appointment, it is in the product description. It must be kept in intelligence that in Google there is profit to having a keyword appear many times on the item page; but in Amazon, if it is anywhere in your product listing at least once, you will be applicable to rank for it.


To rank higher on Amazon, you are required modifying the listing of your products. By giving related and entire information for your product, you can boost the sales and visibility of your products. It must make sure that your products are competitively priced continually. Amazon reprising software can help computerize your Amazon prices and increase your profits and sales. To rank successfully on Amazon, it is vital for sellers to recognize how Amazon’s search algorithm (called A9) works. It must also be kept in mind that the product search algorithm of Amazon is totally different from Google.


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