Pay Per Click Advertising

A Click to High-Level Brand Exposure

Do you want to drive traffic to your website and boost your business leads? Then switching to PPC will surely not disappoint you, as PPC or Pay Per Click advertising tool is one of the top advertising platforms. This is a paid marketing model of internet marketing, where advertisers pay for every click on their ads that take users to the site. You may now be wondering that is it worth investing money in this? Will it really produce profitable results? So, now you should put a full stop to your doubts, as companies are getting a good percentage of business from PPC marketing services only.

Instead of investing money on estimated traffic, you will pay for the impressions that your website will actually encounter. Make the right decision for your enterprise by picking PPC as your essential advertising tool.

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Most Popular PPC Platforms

As PPC marketing is coming to the forefront with incredible results, this advertisement option is booming worldwide. This popular marketing tool is not limited to one platform to grow business but has also spread its values on other platforms.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM or Search Engine Marketing would be your helping hand in the competitive business marketplace by highlighting your business in the existing crowd. It is one of the paid marketing practices that helps in displaying the advertisements on search engine result pages.

SEM platforms that are booming in the market are:

Bing Ads is also known as Microsoft Ads. After Google, Microsoft ads are the biggest player in paid search engine games. The PPC package offering to Microsoft is similar to Google but cheaper compared to it. Microsoft contains advantages of serving Yahoo traffic and has the power to target audiences with LinkedIn.

As Bing is a search engine that shows search results on Yahoo!, AOL and MSN.

It displays ads on:

Outlook Email Websites
Windows App store

Microsoft Ads bidding strategies include:

Enhanced and Manual CPC
Target ROAS
Target CPA
Lower Cost Per Click
Lower Competition on Ad Space
More Transparency
Better Control
Non-skippable in-stream ads
Skippable in-stream ads
Video Discovery Ads
Bumper ads

Youtube bidding strategies include:

Cost Per Thousand Impressions
Cost Per Click
Metrics are Easy to Measure
Wider Pool of Audience
Feel More Connected
Highly Targeted
Fast Results

With approx 2 billion logged-in users per month, businesses can make themselves visible to the billion youtube users globally. This campaign setup and operation was handled via google ads, and however, it serves more in-depth information of audience engagement through Youtube analytics.

Social Media Marketing

SMM or Social Media Marketing is marketing that increases traffic and generates leads by targeting social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. SMM is the easiest way to reach billions of social media users.

Here are the most popular paid SMM platforms people are adoring

During Facebook marketing, examine the users’ interest, location, and other factors like age, behavior, etc.

Our Facebook ad provider make your business ads appear on:

Others (its partnership network)
Facebook Messenger

Facebook PPC ads bidding strategies include CPM (cost per thousand impressions), Cost Per Click, Target Cost Per Action, and Target Return On Ad Spend(ROAS).

During Facebook marketing, examine the users’ interest, location, and other factors like age, behavior, etc.

Our Facebook ad provider make your business ads appear on:

Micro-target Exact Audience
Access on Large Part of Audience
Performance Estimates
Highest Retail ROA
Better Ad Types
Depth Data Provider
Reasonable Pricing
Fast Results

Billions of its users every month make Facebook a top social media network globally. Along with its popularity, it attains incredible potential targeting aspects. As Facebook marketing is not similar to search-based ads, it usually targets the audience based on interest, demographics, and location data.

Our Facebook ads managers are thoroughly familiar with its deep insights that can help you effectively organize your ad campaign on Facebook.

Instagram is one of the accessible social media platforms that can help businesses to reach their target audience. Although its ad creation and ad management are all handled via Facebook, it warrants its own section, which means you don’t need a Facebook account to run ads on this platform.

Leave your ad creation and management on our Instagram ads manager, as even the simplest things need perfection and proficiencies to run at an accurate pace. Your Instagram ads will never be a headache to you if it is in the right hands to manage.

Instagram ads can easily be set up and offer feed ads and native ad styles. We, as Instagram ads managers, can also display post ads in Instagram stories to boost your reach.

Like others, Instagram Marketing bidding strategies are quite easy and simple.

It includes:

Cost Per Click
Cost Per Thousand Impressions
Collected Data for Other Marketing Aspect
Boost Brand Awareness
Build OrganicConnection
Enhanced Targeting
Great Fit for Budget
Track Campaign Success


Apart from Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest are other highly commendable social media platforms creating a buzz with their spectacular ads’ results.

Benefits of PPC Marketing Services

PPC advertisements contain unmatchable advantages that efficiently help entrepreneurs. This potent tool is proven to be a result-oriented and successful approach to take a company to great heights. As per professional PPC service providers, it serves multiple benefits to its users, which include the below-listed points.

Cost-effective Audience Reach

Take control of your budget, targeting audience, and ad placements in your hand. You will pay for the only traffic that will show their presence to your site by clicking the ads. Therefore there wouldn’t be any trivial investment on the uninterested customers.

Instant Traffic

When it comes to instant results, nothing can beat PPC. If your goal is to get your content on the first page of Google, then you don’t need to worry as PPC slots are already there, and PPC would be the perfect fit for your instant result desires.

Positive ROI

When PPC advertising is on track, you never spend more than the return. The best part of this marketing is measuring your ad and making the required improvements until you start getting a positive ROI.

Offer Stability

Unlike content marketing and SEO, PPC doesn’t depend upon the search engine algorithm. As PPC algorithms rarely face major changes, it provides stability by giving the quick judgment of present and future campaign performance.

Offer Multi-layer Targeting Option

PPC management services makes it super easy for you to target particular customers locally and worldwide by serving metrics like locations, interests, and ages in your hands to access. It allows you to hyper-target different audiences by making you familiar with the type of users and their platforms responding to the campaign.

Helps in Social Media Strategy

Along with other commendable benefits, PPC also helps in your social media strategy. The information related to the group performances examined from the “Audience Observation” feature can be utilized in social media targeting to increase the reach.

Smart Retargeting

PPC management services gives advertisers a chance to know how users interact with the campaign. Therefore you have the benefit of retargeting the ones who didn’t show interest. Retargeting can benefit you by maturing your leads as the customers had an interest in purchasing that specific item on the advertisement.

Easy to Produce

A successful PPC campaign doesn’t contain high-level proficiencies and a strict design to follow. It is easy to organize and access and will provide a worthwhile outcome in return. This easy-to-produce feature is what blows the mind of its users.

Our PPC Service Include

Account Setup
Page Setup
Paid Search Ads
Display Ads
Social Media Paid Marketing
Create Targeting Campaign
Reporting PPC Performance
Google Shopping Ads
Optimizing Existing PPC Campaign
Local Service Ads

Why TEQTOP As Your PPC Agency

PPC marketing contains crucial aspects that require the perfect implementation if you expect a productive outcome. Perfection can only be expected from experts. Therefore, TEQTOP, with extensive experience in serving PPC marketing services, can assist you in flourishing fruitful results from organized PPC campaigns. We, as a high success rated PPC agency, have served several results with higher ROI, maximum targeted audience, more leads, profits, and maximum brand awareness. You can relish the same success rate of your digital advertising campaign with our right set of approaches, as our dedicated team of digital marketing professionals proceed with the step-by-step goals and precise reporting regularly.

If you are eager to relish a win-win business marketing, then you are just a call away from it. Let the suitable approaches open the door for your business's success and growth. Dial our number or send your query to meet your required needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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When you create an ad, you should select a set of keywords that will trigger your ad to appear based on popular searches. Keyword selection can make or break your ad, so you must choose wisely.

Prices for a PPC ad campaign vary by business, industry, and strategy. The average, however, is $1000 to $10,000 per month for small-to-midsize companies.

Device:- You can choose which devices you want to target including smartphones and desktops.

Location:- You can target people within a certain geographical area.

Language:- You can select a specific language to target.

It’s quite tough to get your site on page one for search results. With PPC ads, your website not only gets “front and center attention,” but it is also displayed to customers who are looking specifically for your product or service.

Landing page is a single web page that shows in response to clicking on your Pay Per Click ad.

While more than 70% of companies haven’t checked their PPC campaigns in over a month, you want to look at your ads more often. For the best results, PPC experts recommend weekly campaign check-ins.

Most people are familiar with Google Ads, but did you know there are many other PPC platform options? Bing, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Amazon, and Twitter are all popular choices.

Yes! Ads that appear in search results earn more than 45% of page clicks. Even better, people who click on ads are twice as likely to buy a product or service than an organic visitor, or someone who visits your site without clicking on an ad.

Ads appear at the top of search results and along the right side of the list. The ads can have several different looks depending on which search engine you decide to advertise with.